Family Matters: The Intertwining of the Family With Career Decision Making, Second Edition

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Product Description

This book presents Dr. Chope's continuing research on how family of origin, family of creation, and ''second family'' issues significantly influence career decision making. This book is replete with case
examples and career stories drawn from Chope's 40+ years of career counseling practice. In addition, activities and exercises that emphasize key concepts and assist the reader in acquiring new
insights and skills are provided. Of particular interest is the inclusion of a section on how continuing advances in social networking are affecting not only communication and interaction among family
members and friends, but also career decision making and the job search process.

Who Can Benefit From Reading This Book

  • Counselors who want practical tools for helping clients better understand their families'
  • Influence on career decision making
  • Students who want to be prepared to work with clients in the real world of career decision
    making and planning
  • Parents who want to help their children with their career and education planning
  • Readers who are interested in why they feel as they do about their jobs or why they chose a
    particular career path


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